Digital Supply Chains: A FRONTSIDE FLIP

Anastasia 21 October 2021

Companies around the world are re-thinking and transforming their supply chains as they see new digital technologies and organizational models coming to the forefront of business. At the same time, there is a lack of information available to business leaders about what it takes to have a true Digital Supply Chain (DSC) and how to operate one. Scholars and supply chain consultants are struggling with the topic and frequently revert to yesterday’s supply chain principles. Yet it is clear that new approaches to business, such as platform business models, are having a profound impact on global commerce. And even if these new models are not yet fully understood by business leaders and others, their impact on traditional supply chains is already being felt. Successful companies will need to take advantage of new management practices, a continuously expanding data reservoir, and new technologies relevant to Digital Supply Chains, if they are to achieve future competitive advantage and delight their customers. The key element cited by all of the companies involved with this initiative is the frontside. Advanced snowboarders know how to do the “frontside flip.” People running the global supply chain of the future will also have to perform a “frontside flip.” That is, they will have to flip their focus to the customer-facing side — the frontside — of the business.

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